The Leaders Academic
ECLD leaders serve as
mentors to Native youth.
Construction EMPOWERMENT The programs seek to improve the
self-concept and sense of
identity of American Indian
students and adults.
True experts Cultural
ECLD leaders enhance the confidence of
Native youth by emphasizing the importance
of culture, and intertwines cultural values
into its programs.
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Culture Circle Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Posted in: Community, Family,

Slide Through a variety of workshops, we focus on the following core values: Learn More Welcome to ECLD!
Haminat (hello)

Slide The program runs from October through September with limited spots available. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and reserve your students' seat today. We are excited to see new students and families at our upcoming workshops.

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Slide Jenée Ornelas Program Director
Natasha Daniels Program Coordinator
Yumari Ayala Program Associate
Our Instructors Say Hello to