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To incorporate education and leadership development initiative through community building using non-traditional and traditional American Indian (AI) teaching methods while incorporating Indigenous values for Native Americans to:

  • Improve AI student academic achievement
  • Increase the number of AI attending college
  • Create a young generation of future leaders to positively impact their community
  • Reaffirm cultural values and identity
  • Build capacity and a sustainable program model

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ECLD leaders serve as mentors to Native youth by providing them with tools to succeed in educational institutions and helping them alleviate academic-based stress and insecurities as they pursue their academic goals

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ECLD leaders enhance the confidence of Native youth by emphasizing the importance of culture, and intertwines cultural values into its programs.


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ECLD programs serve Tataviam and urban Native American youth who currently reside on Tataviam homelands.  The programs seek to improve the self-concept and sense of identity of American Indian students and adults.

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About Programs

The Education and Cultural Learning Department offers a wide variety of programs for Native families and youth who reside on Tataviam lands and neighboring communities. Join us to build your Native crafting skills, cultural knowledge, community connections, college readiness and receive K-12 tutoring. To register simply fill out an online application and RSVP for upcoming events.

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Our lovely coordinator Raelene said farewell today, as she moves on to bigger and brighter things. Good luck with the next chapter of your life and thank you for everything you have done for us! We will miss you ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Awwww such a great spirit, loving and encouraging. Thank you for being such a superstar. May the Creator continue to bless you in all the years to come 🙏 ❤💛🤍🖤

This is Lia, I am crying but I am happy for you to. I will miss you when you do the kids workshops. Thank You for being so nice to me Big Hug and kiss 🥰

I'm going to miss you!!!😢

ECLD tutoring is up and running for Native youth grades K-12. Email us to participate!

#ECLD #Tataviam #tutoring #tamitmite
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Throwback to Camp Tamit 2020: learning about animal ecosystems with @communitynatureconnection, stitching leather bags, and creating cool animal hybrids using Serrano-Tataviam! What was your favorite part?
#ECLD #Tataviam #camptamit
... See MoreSee Less

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This is Lia I loved making my leather pouch and I remember my animals were a Bear and a Owl = A Bowel 😁

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