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Camp TAMIT Week 5!

Week 5: July 17-19
Theme: Land of the Lost

The students visited Haramokngna for a two night stay, this allowed the students to have full exposure to the Agricultural Center, while also participating in various workshops. On their first day students were greeted by the local Rangers and informed on fire safety. During their second day, went on a nature hike with Lorence Orosco, the Haramokngna Manager,learning about local plants and what is edible. Shortly after lunch, the students  participated in workshops with The Chia Cafe Collective, where they learned about harvesting Yucca and how to prepare it for their pasta dinner. The Yucca was a hit with the students! Later that evening, Tribal Elder Ted Garcia had carved students each their own clapper stick that they used during his Storytelling and singing songs. With the night upon us, the students roasted S’mores and reflected on the day.. ending it with scary stories before bed. It’s safe to say the students fully enjoyed their stay at Haramokngna!

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