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Inspiring Brilliance in Native Youth


ECLD programs serve Tataviam and urban Native American youth who currently reside on Tataviam homelands.  The programs seek to improve the self-concept and sense of identity of American Indian students and adults.

Academic Training

ECLD leaders serve as mentors to Native youth by providing them with tools to succeed in educational institutions and helping them alleviate academic-based stress and insecurities as they pursue their academic goals.

Cultural Education

ECLD leaders enhance the confidence of Native youth by emphasizing the importance of culture, and intertwines cultural values into its programs.

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Interested in ECLD Programs?

‘Sewing Circle’ Program

In Spring 2018, the ECLD is hosting a sewing circle workshop that includes Elders and their families. Read more here.

‘Read With Me’ Program

ECLD is participating in the Read With Me Program to provide you and your child with books and materials so that you can enjoy books together. Read more here.

‘TAMIT Time’ Program

We offer tutoring throughout the school year to assist in all aspect of our students academic needs. Read more here.

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Our Philosophy:

To incorporate education and leadership development initiative through community building using non-traditional and traditional American Indian (AI) teaching methods while incorporating Indigenous values for Native Americans to:

  • Improve AI student academic achievement
  • Increase the number of AI attending college
  • Create a young generation of future leaders to positively impact their community
  • Reaffirm cultural values and identity
  • Build capacity and a sustainable program model
ECLD students who increased their academic grades
High School level ECLD students who continued their education
ECLD students who increased academic confidence
ECLD students who learned additional cultural practices, history, and skills


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